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Unlock the power of mobility at Connect Local, a full day of technical sessions, networking and group discussions focused on enabling your end-users, empowering IT and implementing the latest solutions from AirWatch.

What to Expect from Connect Local:

4 Technology and product update sessions

8+ Product demos led by AirWatch technical experts

2 Opportunities to vote for attendee-chosen content


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North America - Upcoming Events

Below are the upcoming events in North America.

Atlanta, GA | Apr 12-13 | More info
- Healthcare, Retail Breakout
- Accreditation Workshop

Austin, TX | Apr 19 | More info
- K-12 Education Breakout
Boston, MA | May 20 | More info
- Higher Education Breakout
Charlotte, NC | Apr 18 | More info
Chicago, IL | May 3 | More info
- Financial Services Roundtable
Columbus, OH | May 4-5 | More info
- Accreditation Workshop
Costa Mesa, CA | Apr 26 | More info
- Healthcare Breakout
Dallas, TX | Apr 21-22 | More info
- Accreditation Workshop
Denver, CO | May 18 | More info
- K-12 Education Roundtable
Kansas City, MO | Apr 25 | More info
Miami, FL | Apr 19 | More info
Minneapolis, MN | May 17-18 | More info
- Retail Breakout
- Accreditation Workshop

Nashville, TN | May 24 | More info
New York, NY | May 2-3 | More info
- Financial Services Roundtable
- Retail Breakout
- Accreditation Workshop

Orlando, FL | Apr 21 | More info
Palo Alto, CA | Apr 28-29 | More info
- Financial Services Breakout
Philadelphia, PA | May 19 | More info
Pittsburgh, PA | May 17 | More info
San Diego, CA | Apr 25 | More info
Scottsdale, AZ | May 24 | More info
Seattle, WA | May 9 | More info
St. Louis, MO | Apr 27 | More info
Toronto, ON | May 24-25 | More info
- K-12 Education Breakout
- Accreditation Workshop

Vancouver, BC | May 12 | More info
Washington, DC | May 5-6 | More info
- Government Roundtable
- Accreditation Workshop

Industry Advisory Breakouts

Join your peers to discuss the unique challenges that different organizations are facing in today’s mobile landscape and discover targeted solutions that meet your industry’s business requirements. Discuss different use cases and take back business-critical initiatives that are top of mind across your organization.

Accreditation Workshops

Customers: Take part in the Associate level Accreditation Workshop and complete the online exam to be recognized as a trusted advisor for the largest and most advanced mobile deployments in the world. Gain an in-depth understanding of AirWatch solutions to address industry challenges, transform business operations, and experience a greater ability to lead, plan and execute your organization’s next generation of mobile projects.


Partners: Attend the Accreditation Workshop to receive credit for AirWatch Enterprise Mobility: Configure and Manage which is a component of the Mobility Management Solution Competency.

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